Custom Aftermarket A/C Parts - Hot Rods, Muscle, Vintage & Classic Cars.

Custom Aftermarket A/C Parts

At Restomod Air our custom aftermarket a/c parts collections are the best of the best for your pro touring build. With cutting edge style and mile deep attitude that will turn your muscle car air conditioning into a statement that screams to be admired. Every Restomod Air a/c part and system component is designed to take even the most adventurous pro touring build to a whole new level.


Our custom parts collections come from common design traits, starting with hex head bolts, rivets, textures etc to dramatic lush lines that create an over sized dramatic style.  All of our custom aftermarket a/c parts contain air conditioning control panels, bulkhead plates, and pro touring air conditioning vents that compliment each other. These collections contain cutting edge style that is just the beginning of what’s to be admired about our aftermarket a/c parts.


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