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What Fit’s My Ride?

Our Tech department gets this question asked all the time. I’m sure you have looked at the Restomod Air website and wondered what a/c system should I get for my vehicle. We have made it very easy to determine which one of our kickass a/c kits is right for you. But just in case you still are unsure I’m going to break it down for you here. Remember, you want to go with the largest evaporator that will possibly fit, so keep that in mind when building.

TruMod A/C Kit

Restomod Air has designed some year, make, model kits and call them TruMod A/C Kits that fit certain vehicles. – TruMod air conditioning kits are what we recommend for your vehicle. TruMod Kits may have some model specific parts, but you have the ability to heavily customize your installation. TruMod A/C Kits are designed for the vehicle that has a smoothed firewall. This allows the use of our multi-mount system for you to keep that perfectly smooth firewall using either the welded options for body phase or bolted options for completed (painted) cars.

KC F100

Building your TruMod A/C kit is simple. All you have to do is choose your interior kit, condenser kit, optional compressor, and optional compressor bracket. In a TruMod A/C Kit, there are some model-specific parts including glovebox, pre-engineered condenser brackets, vent adapters, and more.

Build A Custom Kit

Sometimes we do not have a TruMod Kit for a certain vehicle. That only means your a/c kit will have to be designed by you. Go to our year, make, model dropdown. If your TruMod is not shown here will be a Build A Custom Kit section. A Restomod Air complete system breaks down into 2 sections Interior Kit/ Exterior Kit or 9 individual parts listed below.


We are CUSTOM an a la carte buying system, so you can get just the things you need to finish your A/C installation. You only get what you need with Restomod Air. We never will sell you extra crap you don’t need nor will we try to upsell you. We allow you to buy just an interior kit if that is what you want. You don’t have to buy a complete system if you already have components. So, you never waste money. We explain in depth what you may to get a high-performing a/c in your ride.


Let’s be honest- the a/c aftermarket has gotten lazy and has forgotten to put any thought into style. Just mimicking the OEM, A/C, the market has substituted style with sub-par performance and plain vanilla flavoring. This has caused many of the great custom car builders to hide their aftermarket AC systems and parts, sacrificing performance, looks, and wasted time.


Restomod Air Designers have seen it all. We have built kits for high-end builds for the SEMA Show and put together kits for vehicles that will never see a show. If you need additional help in building a kit you can schedule a time for one of your designers to contact, you on your time. Just click here to get started.

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