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Introducing Restomod Air:

We are the only true custom aftermarket a/c system manufacturer that provides both ultimate style and killer performance to any pro touring build! No longer does your car’s AC system need to take a back seat. Restomod Air has the ONLY premium line of complete custom aftermarket a/c systems and components that truly give your pro touring build cutting edge style with customizable options and high-performance cooling. Don’t fall for imported crap and outdated systems.




  • CUSTOM: If you can dream it, we can build it! You can order custom designs that compliment your individual build, from the metal finish to the color of your car. Just click HERE to read more about how Restomod Air can help compliment your custom build with a custom Restomod Air part made to your specifications.
  • UNDENIABLE PERFORMANCE: Complete high-performance auto air systems with better cooling than any other manufacturer on the market!!!
  • ELECTRONICS: Fully electronic aftermarket a/c systems throughout. All fully upgradeable with programmable options! THE FIRST auto air system to change program options with plug and play functionality that works like a USB device on your computer.
  • GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Don’t be tempted to pay 500 bucks for the other guy’s aftermarket A/C system. The truth is, like all electronic systems, aftermarket air conditioning is a “you get what you pay for” market. With Restomod Air, you are not forced to buy anything you don’t want or need, just because it’s in a kit. Our products are built and sold with customization in mind. If you need vents, you get vents. If you need an a/c unit with controls, just get that.  You get what you need, when you need it and customized how you want it, Don’t settle for less and sacrifice the quality of your muscle car, hot rod or vintage car.