With so many killer options Restomod Air made figuring out which custom aftermarket A/C system kits is best for you even better. We have created a comparison page so you can look over each one of our units to see side by side values.

All of our kits are Fully electronic and fully upgradeable with programmable options with plug and play functionality that works like a USB device on your computer. With that being said here are some things to keep in mind when picking out which one of our kits will work for you.


What is the cab size of your vehicle? This is important to determine which kit will best suit you. The larger the cab sizer the larger the system you need to cool. Having an undersized kit for your cab will not be beneficial to your cooling capabilities.

What is the Dash space of your vehicle? Each one of our kits varies in length, width, depth to give you most options possible to have A/C in your ride. Knowing the dimensions of your dash space will allow you to get the most out of our custom aftermarket A/C system kits.

What is important to you? Do you Want dedicate dash, floor, defrost? Or are you cool with having defrost/floor split? Is Bluetooth important to you? Would you like to run our Atmosphere app? This comparison page will give you all the information to make a sound judgement call on which A/C Kit works for you.

Remember we have some of the best technical support in the industry right here in Texas to help you. Our techs can go over your best options even if you are still unsure what to put in your ride. We want you to make sure you have the perfect kit for your ride every time. HIT US UP – (866) 784-4278. View the comparision page here.

We are the only true custom aftermarket a/c system manufacturer that provides both ultimate style and killer performance to any custom car build!

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