How To Build You Own Restomod Air System

Everything needed to build a complete Restomod Air System is on this page. If you do not see your specific vehicle year and model listed in our TruMod section trust us we have a kit for whatever build you have. Restomod Air goes off cabin size to determine what fits best for your ride, which is why we have 4 evaporators to pick from. We don’t use a one size universal system like competitors. That’s just being lazy, cheap and they have been getting away with it for a long time.

Restomod Air recognizes that every vehicle is different and needs a certain level of cooling capabilities while having the correct sized unit that will fit in the interior. So if you want to build your system yourself you can by following the steps below or you can give us a call and we can set you up, 1-866-784-4278


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Evaporator Kit:

Our Evaporator units are designed to go in the dash on a smooth firewall. Decide exactly where you want to put it to make sure it will fit. Keep in mind your personal preferences will play a major role in the actual installation. You have the freedom to be different with our systems.

While we know which unit will fit in a large amount of vehicle there are some that we will need some information from you on. Since each vehicle has unique characteristics under the dash, we must rely on you to tell us if there have been modifications or custom applications already installed. If you are unsure, create a cardboard mockup or you can order a mockup box from us of an actual size unit. If it fits, the unit will fit. Don’t forget to consider hose/duct placement. If your vehicle already has defrost ducts, our Evaporator unit can be adapted to them. Each evaporator comes loaded with the following.

  • Exclusive aluminum multi-mount system, standard in black, available in colors such as satin, red, blue, or polished
  • Larger and separate coils, (Faster and more thorough Heat Transfer, Faster Cool-downs)
  • Copper tubing for years of trouble-free service
  • Highest quality interior doors and largest bearing surface for no door motors bushings
  • Preset thermostat for the coldest temperatures always with no user adjustment needed… ever!
  • Tough, ABS Case All electric state-of-the-art servo motors
  • SPAL Brand Variable Speed Fan for best air output in the industry
  • Compact, high output, OEM quality… in a durable design for with balanced assembly (no vibration) and low noise.
  • All our systems are designed for easy upgrades. When new technology becomes available, it-s plug-n-play! Never obsolete
  • We-ve designed our cases to provide optimal, unobstructed airflow. Even our openings are designed larger.
  • Better case design means better and greater airflow (DirectPass Airflow technology)
  • With the Evaporator still in the vehicle you can service the following:
  • Blower Motor Removal
  • Expansion Valve Removal
  • Thermostat Removal
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Bantam II   

17.5” long x 7.5” deep x 10.75” high

The Ultra Compact Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor. The Bantam II designed for a smoothed firewall installation and is the ultra-compact aftermarket A/C system.

Don’t let the small size fool you, this unit packs a ton of performance into that small space. This might be the most efficiently designed evaporator ever. Has the option for Bluetooth connectivity.

Vapir II       

20” long x 7 1/8” wide x 9.5” high

The Compact Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost/Floor. The Vapir II was designed to install on a smooth firewall in tight spaces. The Vapir II designed for the best street rod builds or anywhere a small and powerful system is needed.

Easily mount the Vapir II with our multi-mount system, fabricating brackets is not needed. Simply use the bracket to mark the firewall and weld studs or drill and use the included stainless Hex head bolts.

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Vapir III       

21” long x 8” wide x 11” high

The Vapir III Compact Climate Control System is similar to the Vapir II but with a new distribution duct design to give you independent adjustability between dash, defrost and floor modes. The Vapir III was designed to install on a smooth firewall with our multi-mount system.

Now with a new distribution duct design to give you independent adjustability between dash, defrost and floor modes. Our most up to date in technology. Slightly larger than our Vapir II, but more controllability. Has the option for Bluetooth connectivity.

Haymaker II  

24 5/8” long x 8.75” deep x 10” high

The Full-Size Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor. The Haymaker II A/C system is designed for a flat firewall installation and is the top of the line, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest aftermarket A/C system.

The Haymaker, our flagship A/C system and our largest system. Made specifically for full-size vehicles with large interiors. It’s a lot more than just a cooling and heating solution, it’s a technical marvel and the best performing system you can get anywhere. We took all our best ideas and innovations and put them into one, complete system. Has the option for Bluetooth connectivity.

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Vents/Defrost Ducts:

At Restomod Air we allow you pick the components that will best suite your particular build, therefore we allow you to pick the vents that you want, not some cheap plastic vent thrown into a “package”.  All of our air conditioning vents will work with our evaporator units, so pick the vent style that you want.  Also, pick the quantity that you want 1,2,3,4.  Keep in mind that the more vents you use in your muscle car the better the airflow and cooling of the interior.

You can feel the quality of the precision engineering and CNC machining in your hands. Available finishes for our vents come in Satin, Polished (Bezel Only), Synister Black.

With the purchase of your Bantam II, Vapir II, Vapir III or Haymaker II air conditioning unit you get to choose defrost diffusers or adapters you need for your application.

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The Bulkhead is one of the most over looked parts of your a/c build. Often forgotten by new builders the bulkhead raises the a/c build to pro class. Professional builders know choosing the perfect bulkhead for your vehicle is an important decision to finish off your build. But fear not Restomod Air has a wide selection of different bulkhead to fit any application.

Each bulkhead we carry is Precision CNC Machined 6061/T6 Aluminum. This means you get the best material possible built the most accurate way. You can choose from Satin, Polished, Syinster Black or have a custom color match to your build.

The quality at Restomod Air is unmatched in the industry. Each bulkhead goes through a Multi-pass Inspection Process. Several eyes look over each bulkhead before it gets in your hands to insure top-notch quality.

bulkhead on tire


The perfect way to prevent unwanted temperature fluctuation from outside the cabin and noise interference is to install Membrane. It is the only true barrier from the elements your vehicle can have. Membrane’s 2 in 1 design works by keeping your cabin temperature the same as what is coming out of your Restomod Air vents and prevents sound rattle by having built in sound dampening material. No other product on the market does this.

Most custom car builders thought the “sound dampening” material they were using also block out the heat. This is not true. Membrane is the only material that does this. This is just not an-add-on “liner” to place on your vehicles body to muffle noise or rattle. Membrane is a true fortification between your vehicles cabin and the outside world.

Membrane is simple to use. Measure, cut, and peel to apply to your vehicle. Membrane conforms to all the curves and angle your ride offers, without having an odor or being messy like drip materials. No one wants that. Restomod Air understands that you have put a lot of time and hard work into your build, because we are car guys like you. We will not just put anything in our own build, so why should you?

membrane 1


The Condenser should be sized according to the area in front of the radiator and the opening in the radiator core support. You want to select the condenser that will cover the largest amount of the fin area in front of the radiator. Restomod Air condensers are all aluminum parallel flow design specifically for R134a refrigerant, allows up to 40% more heat reduction capacity along with a dramatic difference in refrigerant flow and pressure drop compared to the obsolete standard tube and fin condenser.

If you need help figuring out which size is correct for you give us a call, we’ll help you figure it out.



Universal Hose Kit:

We offer a variety of universal Hose Kits depending on your application. Our most common is a traditional kit with various lengths of three hose sizes,#6,#8,#10 fittings, tie down clamps, Condenser mounting brackets, a filter-drier with mounting hardware, O-ring assortment kit, and safety switch (to regulate system pressure). The hoses will be of various lengths. You will need to cut the hoses to length, determine the proper fitting orientation and then crimp the fittings. Usual,ly a local parts supplier or air conditioning shop will crimp the fittings for a small fee. If you can’t locate someone in your area, you can send them to us and we will crimp them for you for free. Oh yeah, our fittings are all black so that you have nice custom touch in your engine compartment.

universal hose kit with drier bw




We use top of the line name brand Sanden compressors. We offer two main drive types depending on your application. If you are using a March Performance of Billet Specialties type compressor mount kit, you’ll need a multi-groove, serpentine drive type. Otherwise, you’ll generally need a V belt drive type. Generally, our customers use a top exit outlet configuration but if you have a low hood line, you may need a rear exit outlet configuration. Chrome and polished finish upgrades are available. Be sure you have the correct pulleys to drive the Compressor. Give us a call; we can help you figure it out. If you end up needing pulleys, we have a complete line available in several different finishes.

1 compressor
1 serp compressor

Sanden Style Double V-Groove A/C Compressor

134a Top Ports: The most popular compressor and the most widely used compressor in the automotive aftermarket. Lightweight, compact design with 6,000 RPM continuous duty rating. Low horsepower requirement needed. This compressor is 8.5” Depth x 5.75” Diameter. Designed for 5/8” and fan belts using R134a refrigerant. This Compressor comes with oil already in.

Sanden Style Multi-Groove A/C Compressor

(Serpentine) 134a Top Ports: Lightweight, compact design with 6,000 RPM continuous duty rating. Low horsepower requirement needed. This compressor is 8.5” Depth x 5.75” Diameter. Designed for 5/8” and fan belts using R134a refrigerant. This Compressor comes with oil already in.

Compressor Mount Kit:

We have compressor mount kits for the most common engines, from simple compressor only brackets to complete Restomod Drive Serpentine Belt systems. A Compressor Mount Kit typically includes Brackets to mount Compressor to the engine, Mounting Hardware and in some instances pulleys and belts.

Don’t forget to check out our Restomod Drive kits. Restomod Air Serpentine Belt Drive Kits include everything to accessorize your engine. Kits come complete with all of the necessary precision CNC machined billet aluminum brackets and pulleys, which are made in the USA. as well as high quality components; aluminum water pump, compact AC compressor, power steering pump with attached plastic reservoir, 170 amp alternator. Restomod Air Serpentine Belt Drive Kits with polished and clear finishes include polished components; kits with colored finishes include natural cast finish components. Specify steering type when ordering power steering gearbox or rack and pinion. And comes with one year warranty

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1 engine bracket

Restomod Air’s commitment to excellence begins before you ever call. Our R&D department is constantly on the move, designing and engineering our systems to achieve the best performance possible. Each system is tested in house to ensure that you get the best quality and killer performance you paid for. When you call we listen to you. We get you exactly what you want for your vehicle and never try to push more products on you. We promptly build, box and ship your new climate control system, along with clear, concise instructions that anyone can understand. During your installation process, we’re here with expert technical support to answer your questions. With over 40 years of expert A/C knowledge in house Restomod Air has you covered.